Learn Turkish By Distant Turkish Teaching Portal

Yunus Emre Institute aims to teach Turkish independently of time and space through the Distant Turkish Teaching Portal which has been prepared through the use of contemporary technological facilities. In this direction, word lists and language information structures determined according to levels in Distant Turkish Teaching Portal are displayed in stages and the structures frequently used by students in daily life are taught with activities based on four basic language skills.

Module Activities

The Distance Turkish Teaching Portal has been prepared according to Common European Framework of Reference For Languages for language learners developed by The Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe and teaches you Turkish with thematic and real life topics.

Word Activities

You can continue learning vocabulary independently of the trainings (courses) with the "Word" module designed only to work on vocabulary .During the vocabulary learning process, You can do reading, listening, writing and speaking activities for each.

Learn Turkish by Online Courses

Yunus Emre Institute organizes online Turkish language courses to address the increasing demand for learning Turkish. Thanks to the online courses, the Institute's formal training programs in many countries can be maintained, and at the same time, thousands of people can be reached in the countries without such Turkish language courses. In addition, the people who seek to learn Turkish, but lack facilities to do so can make use of the online courses.
With participants from all age groups, the Turkish courses pave the way for new friendships. Conducted in the affectionate climate of Turkish culture, the Turkish teaching activities also strengthen the bonds of friendship between the countries.

Learn Turkish in Our Cultural Centers

Turkish language courses are given to different groups at different levels in line with demands at our Cultural Centers. Special purposes courses such as for business Turkish, Turkish for kids, translation classes, and Turkish for the press and media, are also organized at our centers in addition to the general Turkish courses.


We Teach Turkish With Contemporary Methods!

Interactive boards, certified instructors, helpful resources, thematic language banners, course material suitable for target group, U shaped classes with a capacity of 8-16 individuals ...

As Yunus Emre Institute, we teach Turkish Language as a foreign language in the international arena; in this context, we prepare course tools and materials in the light of the needs of students and contemporary methods.


Learn Turkish with Videos

Thanks to the video lessons prepared by our expert Turkish teachers based on the “Yedi İklim Türkçe” textbooks, you can learn Turkish without enrolling onto a course. You can watch the videos, arranged by topic, by clicking the link below.

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